We are specialist in the area of Headshots. It requires a special skillset and attention to detail. This is a notch market and demands a special skillset. This is no different than every other market. If you are looking for an engineer specializing in electrical, you get an electrical engineer. If you get a generic engineer, you will get generic results. We’re proud to specialize in this amazing area of Headshots. We will coach you and your staff through the whole process and make it an enjoyable experience for you and your team. Don’t settle for general work, you deserve better in branding you and your team. Let us help you remove the challenge of bad first impressions and avoid the gatekeeper. We’re all about you and your team, making an impact and adding value to your brand. Let’s start making an impact today. Please go to the contact page and make an appointment today!


Headshot are crucial in all aspects in life. We make decision every day basic on what we perceive to be true with our eyes.  We rent movie, books, everyday products and services basic on an image. In today’s digital world your headshot is your brand. It’s the gatekeeper to your success. Some would even say presentation is everything, It’s usually the best way to get pass the gatekeeper. Headshot are your first impression and your presentation to the digital world and it define you!

Why Dan M Photography?


We don't take pictures, we create them!

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