Clothing line for Dan M Photograpy

Approaching your Readiness:

Whichever, attire you decided it should represented you and your style. This should be decided before the photo session. Bring a couple of choices for you to choose before the session. This will allow you to adjust for your mood or state of mind at the time of the session. This will help you to tap into your internal energy, projecting an energetic look. We’ll help you with energetic look!

Here is a couple of examples of approaching your readiness:

  • If you’re going to interview
  • Meeting with your biggest client
  • TV interview or casting a show

Once you have achieved the desired look, share your vision with our staff photographer before the start of photo session. (optional - You can email us, If you like to share a couple images that you like.)

Approaching your Readiness to make an impact on your personal brand - Book your session today.

Considerations without a Makeup Artist:

Headshoot for Dan M Photography

A hair brush/comb, electric shaver, hairspray, makeup kit, hair product (pomade, wax, gel, etc.)

A pro understands how many different factors can affect your look. For example, makeup for photography is entirely different from everyday makeup. We understand having a makeup artist is not mandatory. However, we highly recommend having MUA on hand. We’ll be happy to provided “MakeUp Artist Services” or you can bring a makeup artist with you (optional.)

Considerations with a Makeup Artist:

Headshot photoshoot preparation
Dan M Photography photog session


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